My Old Pal Steve Swope has a new venture dubbed KickStand BMX. The first order of business is the Old School BMX Weekend taking place at none other than Woodward West. I have had the pleasure of spending a good portion of a few summers at both camps and they are some of my favorite places in this world. Some of you guys reading this thing should show your faces, Mr. Towne, Crandallsmith, TC, Collins’s, Bob, Jenkins & Son, Chico Moto Troy, all ya’ll old BMX types, you know who you are ????¬†Check the KickStand site for details.

Our host Steve Shreddin the Rad.

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  1. I spent a week at the original Woodward in 85 while on the NBL tour, it was free food and a free place to stay for a week if you worked as a counselor. They still had Gymnastics at the place in those days. The biggest jump was a quarter pipe Dave Cullinan set up by the basketball hoop near the counselor’s cabins. We’d launch and land down the grassy slope. Cullinan was doing clickers well over the height of the hoop. We kept moving the quarter pipe father and farther back .. till it was a good launch to make the slope. Tame stuff these days, well there was also Mike Miranda doing those standing back flips…

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