Yesterday we headed up to LA to hang out with Michael & Jason at their studio space and shoot some photos of my sportster. Of course as soon as we got there it started pissing rain but it really didn’t matter we made a great afternoon of it.
The top photo pretty much sums up the vibe.
I love jackin around on motorbikes.

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  1. Kim,
    When i was goin to college down in Bay Area i was on my way to a buddys pad to down a pint or two and cut thru the hungry Hunter Restaurant parking lot and it had misted earlier and i was on my Kitted Garelli Moped which did like 50 MPH (got pulled over by a Sunnyval Cop who just grinned-doing 45-47 in a 25) anyhow i was weving and went into a KILLER slide but all of a sudden i lost all grip and laid it down and slid like 15-20 feet, got up started it and ripped off now super hungry for those pints..I’ve been very careful ever since, funny thing was it was like a nice 25 ft arcc and i musta hit an oil spot(hindsight)

  2. I’m sorry Caleb I didn’t even think to give you a call. It would’ve been cool to hang out a bit, Next time. I was soaked and chilled to the bone the whole way home.

    Rubber side down Doug!

  3. Overconfident and supah thirsty was why i downed her, my brother got his bike finally (Seca II)
    and we been riding out in the hills here, soft compound metzeler
    has worn down and it quite squirelly in the fog/mist here in Benicia, thumpers got hella torque man

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