Sharing the grinding wheel at the shop has made it challenging to get to a good clean point on our tungsten.
Bob told me he bought a couple of these Arc-Zone sharpeners for the weld crew in his shop & they loved them, but they’re pretty spendy.
After a quick ebay search I pick this one up for a good price.
Anyone use these, have any tips and or suggestions?

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  1. I use one at work and it works great. kinda a pain if you’re sharpening different sizes of tungsten all the time but you don’t hafta worry about picking all types of crap off of the grinding wheel anymore.

  2. My only suggestion is dedicate this to a 2% only tungsten. Dont be tempted to use this for all your tungstens (2% 1% pure etc.) When youre welding aluminum you dont want a sharp point anyways so dont pollute your pure tungsten by using the sharpener that you just ground 2% in. Also wear safety glasses!!! Hope this makes sense, and remember if you aint a welder you aint shit

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