Remember back in July when this guy threatened us over some bullshit international copyrights on photos that I had posted?
No? Well here’s the link to refresh your memory.
(click here ;0)
Now that we all remember, below is a new email I received this morning from the same dude?
What I did white out in todays first email was a link to some video of him or his buddy or something that I refuse to promote just by posting it.
We have a couple of mutual friends who tell me he’s actually a nice guy, even though his spelling is atrocious???
Random & odd most definitely.

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  1. Wow. That dude is fierce. I mean, he capitalizes everything. I suggest you DON’T MESS WITH HIM! Woah… Now I’m riled up.

    BTW, keep up the great work. Your blog is on my Google Reader, so I don’t miss a beat!


    ~Damn this is so funny… make a slongan for the blog banner out of it… hahhahaha

    this dude needs to get a Fuckin Life!

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