9am Saturday morning & Pat shows up already having some shifting issues but it was decided to go for it anyway so we left Carlsbad with a 3 speed iron head which was fine it just slowed the pace down & we made it with only a couple of minor issues. Well except for Pat his bike got worse & the clutch pretty much laid down for good as we pulled in to the party zone.
Man, I had so much fun & it was good to see so many people that I hadn’t hung out with in a while however I think the best thing about up keeping this blog is the new people I meet and become friends with. This past weekend was no exception I met so many cool people who check out BCM it was pretty overwhelming actually.
Thanks All!
A really noticeable change compared to past events McGoo, Bill & company have hosted was the bikes. The diversity of bikes was amazing American, European, Japanese, it didn’t matter and ton of great work to seen.
My pick for bike of the event goes to Matt Barker and his beautiful Hot Rod Shovelhead. An Amazing Bike and a Great Guy to boot!
I’m thinking Chop Cults non biased “Everyone’s Welcome we just like cool Motorcycles” outlook on custom/garage built bikes is the reason.
A Big thanks to PHX Cindy who brought us beer and shared pretty much everything she had with our crew.
Unfortunately Sunday morning Pat & I had to split off from the rest of the guys, we nursed his bike as far as Brawley and called our rescue truck to make the 5 hour round trip to pick us up. We made it home and my girl earned a day at the spa.
Once again the boys responsible for Chop Cult, Biltwell pulled off a great event!
Thanks Guys we’re grateful.
Here’s 10 photos of our journey but you’ll need more so there’s a whole thread over at:
link- Chop Cult Thread

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  1. thank YOU, KB. Sorry we didn’t get to BS more… doing the social butterfly thing always puts a damper in my bro downs with down bro’s. Let’s make time for some weekday lunch 1-on-1 shop action soon… I wanna show you the SpartanKiller.

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