Carving these taillight lenses for hours at a time has become very much a chore, I’m having a hard time being motivated to get it done. I’m pretty sure this is the last attempt & I’m confident we know what not to do this time.
The issue has been the lighting element. With the help of “Cheapchop” over at ChopCult we ended up with some tiny LED’s from Micro Lazers.
It seems like it will work out and be safe too, We’ll see?
link: MicroLazers

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  1. If that doesn’t work you might try casting some acrylic resin. You could get you form spot on in clay and have an easier time with reproduce-able results. It’s a little time consuming but works pretty well. Just a thought. Good luck!

  2. Matt: It’s all Dremel work with a little scotch-brite wheel to remove the big amounts

    Dusty: I’ve done some research and had some advice from a guy who did the casting method & if this doesn’t work I’ll most likely try that. I’m thinking I can make a mould directly from one of these, We’ll see.

    Cindy & J-Rod: I agree & if these don’t work out I’ll send you each one for your enjoyment.

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