A Hell of a lot of crap cut off the frame, A whole lot more to go. Tank choice will dictate how much of the rear section will be scrap.

Forks, shaved, lowered 2″, polished & promptly smudged with grease.
Wheels Powdercoated, tires/mount/balance, inner rotors cleared front and rear, drive side stripped, buffed, &  brought down w/scotch brite, all mounted with stainless.
Tank choices, Anyone?

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  1. It’s not going to have a tail section. a seat and fender of some sort. I would say the rear section from the shock mounts back will go to the scrap guy.

  2. I’d like to see a 1976 YZ400 Tank..the alloy one…that’s what I’D run if that were my project…very nice parts..can’t wait to follow this one

  3. Ashley & Doug Tank choices are from what’s on the bench. kind of because of the size of the OIF top tube/ fuel capacity & some of which is, well, this is what we’ve nailed it down to. I Love the alloy YZ tank as well as the alloy DT 250 tank but both are being used on other projects (benelli 250 & XS 650).
    Mike, Yes and the reach around is uncalled for. Anon & McGoo the GT is where my heart is, We’ll see what Erwin decides. Thanks For the help-n-words.


  4. Gotcha BCM!
    Yo it’s gonna be a KILLER ride anyways…my Brother and me have been eyeing Craigslist for SR/XT projects!
    I’ll keep watch on yer build
    i just sold my XS650 a year ago..what a regret that is for me

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