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  1. This is a shot over Sweet Lou’s bow by Boylecomm to keep Captain Mustache on the straight and narrow.

    I had dinner and drinks with Lou on a couple occasions during Interbike last week.

    I think he’s ready for prime time, Kim. Greenhouse/Verde/Cinema/et al is in good hands.

  2. Man, come on you guys this has been a running Joke with Lou for years, Huffy, Schwinn, Hell, I blame Lou for the demise of DH BMX in the X games. I have know idea how the Dub Cap company in Chi town survived.

  3. Let’s all understand one thing here. I care about Muth and Buddendeck. Hell I even have a company Amex card and have not even abused it. You should be throwing punches at Muth. How the hell do you spend $1000 to ship your personal road bike from Taichung?

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