What this post used to be was that odd red w/stars everywhere flathead sittin on white Tuff wheels???
On 7/23 I recieved the email below from “BIG D” himself.
Don’t Break International Law kids.

“Hey there!!!

I just got the hint of a friend that the pictures of my red dmx bike are on your blog. I’m kindly letting you know that there’s a copyright on them and that you are illegaly using them on your site! So if you wanna do yourself a favour you should take them down as soon as possible!!
It would be great if you could let me know where you got the pics from.”
best danny

You get the idea.

10 Responses

  1. Fuck that guy.
    OUTBLOG BIKERS ® don’t care about no damn copyright markshinhoffers.

  2. umm, kim that pic at the bottom of your blog is copyrighted thru mexican with a knife laws. but i love you, so you can use it.

  3. Oh now see, you all are a bunch of mean spirited bastards!
    I think we should just look at this whole thing as a lesson learned. I for one have learned a lot, for one if this would have never happened I would have never checked out “Big D’s” site & wouldn’t you know right there on the home page it says he’s the guy doing “The Real shit”. As I’m working I’m always wondering, You know, this stuff is OK but who does the real shit? Now I know.
    Two, outlaw bikers do actually take the time and money to internationally copyright photos for that much needed protection, I did not know this either & I think we all might consider doing this?
    All and all I think “Big D” might be a decent sort, I say this because after he threatened the BCM organization in the very next email he had the odasity to tell me if we ever needed more photos of his bikes to let him know.

    Thanks for the comments each of them gave me a laugh and a good feeling of support.

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