Header: Drew Kuriger Photo

This photo was taken @ El Cajon airport/speedway/odd Motocross track. It was a Universal Motocross Inc. ride day 4,5, or 6 years ago. What I was looking at is this double to triple section that was troubling me all day. It wasn’t all that big, it was just an odd rhythm? 

I got it but it took half the day, hit it another 10-12 times then it was time for the free beer. 

Mikuni VM36

My carb of choice to replace the stock piece of shit pumper on the SR500. The VM36 will boost the bottom end a little & stop loading up. There is also the VM38 which would be better suited for the track and or not so much stop & go. Of course you could try and polish a turd by doing the Minton or Vonderhey Mods to your stocker, however that’s just my opinion.


I went and hung out with Scott “T-Bone” Jones last night, I picked up a new t-shirt & a tank he repaired for me. Scott’s a good guy who does real nice work. He sells some cool one off handlebars and other bits he makes in his Jock Shops section over n the Jockey Journal.
Thanks again Scott.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet


So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet

This reminds me, I had good time hanging out with everyone at the Long Beach Cycle Swap this past sunday. I’m going to go more often.

Evel’s Skycycle

The Vintage Gent posted a cool bit on rocket cycles including the man behind Evel Knievel’s X1.

Interweb Pissing Matches

I get sucked into one once or twice a year & I let myself do it again today.

Great, I feel Like a third grader all over again.


I think Adam West must be feeling the sting of our fledging economy because yesterday my friend Paul showed up in my driveway with the Batcycle which he got for a song and a tank of gas.  Paul has always had a thing for the rolling toaster that is a BMW motorcycle so we’re going to jump in and tear it down hoping to end up with something close to Pauls photoshop mock up below. I seriously never thought I’d be doing this but after a quick spin I’m excited. She’s a runner so we’re off to a good start.

Easy Button?

So, the Kicker on my SR 500 kept hitting my original foot peg set up thus breaking the welds. At first I thought Man I really suck at welding. Well, I do but not that bad? I fixed them twice before I realized every time I started the bike I might as well be beating the peg with a hammer.
I began searching for a solution. I sat on my friend Bill’s bike “El Cheap O” at Chop Meet and liked the feel of the motocross pegs he had used, I knew McGoo had done this before as well so I assumed they must be on to something. Searching through Ebay I came across a slightly used set of YZF450 Titanium pegs for $25. I stared at them for a while and thought these might actually bolt right up. Then I thought, no way that never happens, a 1980 yamaha street bike versus a 2007 yamaha motocross bike? I figured what the hell they were $30 shipped and I bought them. the pegs arrived yesterday, with a very small amount of grinding, drilled out the mount hole a bit and they’re on! Straight, level, wide, grippy, light as hell. This never ever happens with me & Motorcycles.
If I ever have an original idea I could be dangerous.