Here’s to Seeing Double


Yesterdays progress.

Five Steps Back One Step forward

Pool Party

BCM Hell On Wheels Entry?

The Hell On Wheels dirt biking funfest is only a week away & we were having no luck finding the YZ I wanted so we figured we better just find a bike and get going.
So today I picked up a 1980 Suzuki RM125 from its original owner, Greg.
Greg is claiming the bike was a 13th birthday present from his Dad and he only it rode as a Saddleback park trail rider.
Bob and I are going to get into it over the weekend & although the entire bike is not in too bad of shape don’t expect miracles (Marshall), but I’m anxious to see what comes of it.

Driving All Over Again Today.

Ceppie Maes Sturmey Archer & The Freestyle Forum

Ceppie brought style & rode one of my favorite bikes.
Blacked out with drum brakes.

Freestyle Forum?


I’m Off To The Track.

In the mean time enjoy the never ending style of your 2011 East Coast Lites Supercross Champion.
Justin Barcia.

Campagnolo Motorcycle Hub?

I picked up this front 36H Campagnolo motorcycle hub the other day.
A quick clean up exposed the Camagnolo quality, however I can’t seem to find any history.
Does anyone know anything about it?
Moped, small race bike?