Big Island.

Looking back I realized that I’ve spent a lot of damn time in a lot of places with this man.
If you don’t know him you should.
Good interview over at: Least Most

X Games 16

It’s an X games weekend.


Falcon MC American Express Commercial

I was just sipping coffee, catching up with the morning news when this American Express spot featuring our friends over at Falcon Motorcycles comes on.
Of course it’s a cool edit.

build thread?

In an attempt to spare ya’ll from having to read about every time I plug in an angle grinder, I went ahead & started a ChopCult thread on our progress of tidying up that Evo sportster we stumbled upon back in November.
It already feels like a fun little zippy and it’s still chained to the lift.
Wanna buy it?

North County Coastal

I spent a good part of the afternoon running up and down the south end of Pacific Coast Hwy.
As you can see jockey shift photography is going to take some getting used to.

Hard Drive Dumping

Mat Hoffman & The Birth of Big Air

I had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of this film & although I was there for 90% of this craziness it still took 3 weeks to get it out of my head.
Impactful to say the very least and after all these years I finally have somewhat of a grasp as to what was going on in Mats head.
Here’s the schedule, Watch it.


I never thought I’d be into a red helmet but this new Biltwell color reminds me of the beat up 3 ball on the pool table in Pulaski Club back home.
Love it.


You know this bike would be fun.
Every now and again the question comes up around here
“How could you pull off a single shock bike?”
Take note