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FXS Slow Rider




Keeping up with BCM parts seems to take up most of my time these days so progress on this bike feels like it’s going nowhere. Regardless I’m happy to have Continental Tires onboard.  They hooked up a set of  Rb 2/ K112’s  , they’re exactly what I wanted on this bike.

Thank you Jeff!

A few weeks ago FabKevin Cut me this stainless caliper hanger I gave it a massage & threw it in the tumbler. Kevin’s stuff is always on point.  I’m not sold on the solid disc but it is nos HD and the packaging is kind of cool too.


Cooper Smithing Co.

My friend Joe Cooper has some serious skills!
Need a fender, here you go.


Hilton Buell

Master Luthier Pete Hilton’s modded Buell, making good use of a BCM Ribsey ac & Willis Bolts.

Thanks Pete.







FXS Movin Along



Front to back this time & it looks like I’m trying out the front fender option as well.

Cafe Racers Speed, Style & Ton-Up Culture




I recently received a copy Cafe Racers Speed, Style & Ton-Up Culture, this is the book put together by famed MC photographer Michael Lichter and Paul d’Orléans of the Vintagent.  It’s a beautiful hardback full of Michaels photos of each bike that was on display at last years Sturgis show.

I’m very honored to be in the company of some of the best bike builders in the world.

Available on Amazon: Cafe Racers Speed, Style & Ton-Up Culture