Dinosaur Jr.

Last night the Lady of the house put on Martin +Me for the evening of cooking/dinner music. I hadn’t listened to this album in a while and it’s truly one my favorites. J Mascis live, angry on a stool with an acoustic guitar belting out some of the great Dinosaur Jr tunes is great stuff.
If your a D.Jr fan you need this.
Big Dilemma 11/4/09
Dinosuar Jr at the Belly up & Lucero at the Casbah?

BMW Skate

I think these things went for somewhere in the $500 range. Cool, but not that cool.

Blue Jean Blues 67 FLH

Blue Jean Blues, great snaps & a lot of them of lil cuties.
However this 67 build is equally as hot the girls.
Go check out the build: Blue Jean Blues

Sema Show

I’ve never been and I want to go.
Does anyone have a line on a couple badges? I’d be grateful for any help.

Parked Cars will get you too.


I just found out an old co-worker, shoe designer, comedian & all around good dude Sinisa Egelja has passed.
Sin was responsible for much of Airwalk footwear’s success.
I trust your in a better place my friend.

G.Brittan photo.

SR Club of Sweden

Sunday Riding

I rode my SR500 to the post office last week, it had been sitting for a week or so and crap in the tank had made its way to the carb and the floats were sticking, gas was running everywhere. I did all the necessary dis assembly and cleaning, put it all back together fueled up with fresh and went for a test ride.
2 1/2 – 3 hours and two tanks later I was pulling back in the garage.
It was so nice out, I decided to go exploring. I headed out to the inland foot hills, back to the coast, down the coast, back up PCH and finally home.
I really need to seal that tank.

The 2nd Annual McCormack Chili Cookoff

This past Saturday Pat & his family hosted their annual chili cook off and since competitive cooking is completely foreign to me I tend to just wing it.
This year I did about 20 minuets of interweb research and came to the conclusion most all chili has the same base ingredients. So I went with the original no bean cowboy style, bought as much fresh ingredients as possible, Frances was my sous-chef and covered all the chopping duties as I mixed & wrote it all down, somehow out of 21 entrees we won the Judges Choice.
If you give it a go let me know how it works out.
Big thanks to Pat & Nancy for a great time.

Remember This Guy?

Remember back in July when this guy threatened us over some bullshit international copyrights on photos that I had posted?
No? Well here’s the link to refresh your memory.
Now that we all remember, below is a new email I received this morning from the same dude?
What I did white out in todays first email was a link to some video of him or his buddy or something that I refuse to promote just by posting it.
We have a couple of mutual friends who tell me he’s actually a nice guy, even though his spelling is atrocious???
Random & odd most definitely.

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