Christmas in July

Thanks Jay.

Antigravity Batteries

The guys at Antigravity Batteries offered to help us out with a battery for the Norton “build” & man did they!
The 8cell provides enough juice for a kick only, it’s tiny, super light, it can be mounted any which way. 
To top it off they’re made in the USA.
Stoked on this thing!


Shit’s everywhere.



Whew, Big Shoes.

link: Brooklyn Invitational

Evel Knievel Snake River Canyon. Mat Hoffman & Kelly Knievel

 Mat & Evel being friends and all meant Evel came to a few events we were involved in.
 All I know is, man that guy could be a prick. 


The last of the frame do-dads.
I thought the stock plate full of unused mounting holes was pretty boring so It went from 14ga. to 1/4″ framed, welded in, hogged out, Blah, Blah. The tabs below are plate mounts.
clean this up as well as a couple other spots and reassemble for pipes, side stand, battery box/tray then it’s final tear down for finishes.

Back in Stock

CV air filters re-upped.

BA Birthday Ride

details Here.

This ought to be fun.