1973 CT175 
Cleaned up real nice.
My father had a 71 that he was real fond of.

 The Olde Pro was in town with his lovely so we rode a bit. The past few days the weather has been beautiful so it felt good to be out and about.
Well spent $40.00 at the Long Beach Swap. 
Saturday afternoon I worked on the very last of the BROjects in the garage. 
The BMW has been around the longest and it’ll be the last to go but at least it’s going with a 1 3/4″ exhaust. 
Thanks Special79 Jay & the lathe for the reducer solution.

Weekend Happenings

  • Late day carb clean
  • Every couple months I bolt up this pipe, decide I don’t like it & go back to stamped stock.
  • Post storm mud pits
  • My friend Dallas #44 drives from Phoenix to race with CalVMX, yesterday he hauled ass home to work a shift….. 
  • Cahuilla Creek MX
  • Yesterday was Scott Burnworth day, He’s still very fast, fun to watch & races with us often. 
  • (I went 6-5 in motos 1-1 in class)
  • A photo of a shiny Harley Davidson benson and hedges menthol ultra light 100s front end came in from Brooklyn. 
  • As well as this delicious special we’re missing out on at Thistle Hill
  • And lastly the Damn Dogs turned 1year old on saturday.

     Windham Retired. 
     Opening ceremonies 3 lane transfer…..

Being stalked by a Brunette who obviously likes 80’s on 8.