Maximum Bob Got Some New Bars

Craig made him up a nice set of ultra lows that’ll get ultra narrowed.

One of Cindy’s Orbs

I’ve been hitting the bike stuff pretty hard so thought today I’d take a break from it and get this light out of the way before we knocked it off the bench & jacked it up.
Few weeks ago my friend Cindy found a bunch of these light fixtures in an abandon building or someplace only she would find, I thought they were cool so she sent me one.
I’m sure this thing started life on top of a pole but I thought hanging it might be better.
After some scrubbing, a rewire & polish this is what I came up with.
Thanks Cindy.


MBob Weekend (again)

Friday was a Biltwell Happy Hour and of course that was a good time but that beer had me repeating like a howitzer about two miles into 40 min drive home, entertaining to say the least..
Bob showed up early on Saturday and we jumped right into making the power tools sing for all to hear.
Bob wasn’t liking the size of the stock HD resi/pedal bracket so he went nuts on the trim down & here’s what came of it. While he was doing all that I finished the fender mounts. Swing arm fenders alway suck to get right, this one actually came out with better clearance after welding it up & that never happens to me.
Now to clean it all up.

It’s A Bloddy Mary Mornin

& changing oil.

Side Motors BSA

How it’s done.


Chocolate Santa

Today the UPS guy brought me a nice gift from my friend Evan Wilcox.
A lot shorter & a bit lower than the first version, now it’s time to get working on the frame & make this thing fit properly.
Thanks Evan!

Atomic Custom