Left Footed Chris

Yesterday was a fun afternoon around the shop.
Here’s Chris working up a stainless taillight bracket for Annie’s bike.
finished product here: 70M0T0


This is how I’ve been seeing things the past few days.

Long Beach Swap

At yesterdays swap I was more stoked on old dirt bikes.
I think I’m suffering from the “who’s found the coolest old parts” burnout?

Hangtown, Sacramento, CA.

Sure supercross is fun to watch but it doesn’t compare to the pure speed of the outdoor nationals.
Shelf the finesse, pull out the power & endurance the 2010 series starts today.

JBS on a 125


As a kid I remember an orange Chibi that made it’s rounds in my neighborhood.
Once one kid grew out of it another would talk his dad into buying it.
The scrotum splitting seem along the top of the tank claimed a few victims.
A group of us stopped along the trail waiting for a dude with Toughskins and tighty whitey’s around his ankles checking the damage is what I remember most of the Chibi.

Carlsbad USGP Movie

This is a cool project my old friend & co worker Todd Huffman has been working on, I’m looking forward to checking it out.
The now defunct Carlsbad Raceway is very rich with history & close to my heart as I rode my first race & won my second there back in 1995.
The high speed up & down hills, early day grease over concrete, late day chop/blue groove & 15 minuet + 2 lap motos separated the men from the boys.
If your in the San Diego or Houston area it would be worth checking out

Because We Can?

Out Around Running for Supplies & Fasteners.


Instead of going to the DTMC shindig this weekend I opted to be in the shop.
Asssssssembly is going well but feels slow.
I’m looking forward to hanging out with Special79 Jay who’s in town this week, I could use some East Coast inspiration/kick in the ass.


I’ve been looking for a bike to ride the local beach paths, downtown parks & Carlsbad bar runs along side the “Little Lady” for a year now. Jeff @ Church of Choppers posted this hand built bike a few weeks back & when I saw the photos I thought that’s it, to top it off she was for sale.
So I struck a deal with “BrewDude” Steve, Stoked!
When it showed up I was blown away!
Steve’s work is amazing & the component selection is perfect. I cut down the bars a couple of inches just to make it mine and I’ll add a Brooks saddle but other than that it’s perfect
Photos don’t really do it justice especially on a gray day but I gave it a shot.

Top tube- Excell curved 1991
Seat tube- Excell 5 fluted 1991
Chainstays, Headtube, Fork Blades Reynolds
Mega Downtube, Seatstays- Nova

Cool components
1965 Yellow Band Internal 2 Speed Kick Back Coaster Brake Rear hub
1970 Zeus World Front Hub
1980 Sugino 171mm Cranks w/47t Exlite chainring
Mavic Open 4 CD rims
BREW True Bullhorn Handlebar/Stem Combo w/tapered & curved stem extensions, w/12 gauge bar plugs