Suzuki GN125.
Check out more of their work @

Gotta GO!

The Lady & I are headed to Sin City for a few hours & I hear I have a full itinerary.
Be back in a couple days.

Bench*Mark Update

I added an Air Cleaner update over on the Bench*Mark blog.

Hanging Pipe

Over the weekend Pat machined this clevis deal out of stainless for me, add a little round bar, some plate & I’m stoked.
I love the little stuff.

Kawasaki KX-1/16-3/8″

Heavy Industries, let the good times roll.
I burn through bits, I’m hoping this racing bit set will be the ticket???
Costco $19.95

You’ve gotta love Craigslist.

Oscar The Grouch arrived yesterday afternoon.
Run the electrical, do the set up & it’s a go.
Thanks to BF Josh & Billdozer for the heads up on this one.

1999 KX125

I found these photos last night too.
It was early august of 98 and for some reason a local shop had one 99 KX125. I bought it and immediately showed up at Pro Circuit for some suspension work, pipe & silencer, bars and whatever else I could talk them out of. I rolled it in the shop and Mitch says where the hell did you get that, we don’t even have team bikes yet? So the deal was made to leave it for them to fit a bunch team race goodies, this is how it came back to me.
Minus the Ti it was pretty much a full blown race set up, built motor, full suspension work, frame painted, the whole deal. Although it wasn’t the fastest bike they ever built for me it handled the best for sure. Well until the frame broke two days before an Anaheim super cross invitational and I had to run out and buy a 2000 Honda but that’s another story in itself.

Spring of 95

Thursday practice at Glen Helen Raceway on a borrowed old Splitfire Pro Circuit practice bike. A bunch of us rode that day, although it was late in the day the track wasn’t too beat down and it was overcast so the dirt was just getting better as day went on.
I remember it very clearly, good times.


Dialing in the shop a bit this week.


I found this photo online a while back simply titled “Quarry”.
It reminded me a lot of all those fun riding spots, you know the ones.