It’s that time of the year again.

Every year since 2006 most everyone I know is in prep mode, panicking out the last of a new build, updating the current ride, running some shake down miles and or helping someone else do the same. The first three years the event of spring was EDR, this year it’s the Hippy Killer Hoedown & The Bash.   Since I gave up on making it with my FLH I’m going to put a spit shine and put a new seat on the SR500 and run it. I’m already excited.
A few  EDR images

On The Short List

As a couple of my other Euro friends the De Jong Brothers say, “Bikes, Beers, & Bitches!” 
The nest of Swedish sin know as Belladonna Trackers appears to have the “BBB” mantra down to a science. Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to get loose and run it hard with the BDT.


The RWN SR500 is temporarily back on wheels. 
 I can now fit & mount the tank and fender as well as  finish hacking on the frame. However, even it’s current state (the tank just sitting on there) I’m feeling it. Before I dive in I’m going to chill in PV of the Grand Canyon State for a few days, Ditat Deus…

The Fonz?


Another fine example of BMX history from Paul De Jong

The ErwinSR500 progress

A Hell of a lot of crap cut off the frame, A whole lot more to go. Tank choice will dictate how much of the rear section will be scrap.

Forks, shaved, lowered 2″, polished & promptly smudged with grease.
Wheels Powdercoated, tires/mount/balance, inner rotors cleared front and rear, drive side stripped, buffed, &  brought down w/scotch brite, all mounted with stainless.
Tank choices, Anyone?


Man, this bike makes me want to ride fast and terrorize the neighbors.
It just looks nimble & fun, if it were a motocross bike I’d say “flickable”. I love the seat setup.
However I don’t know anything about it or where I found the photo?

Yay Friday. It’s been an odd week.
* 3/24/09   I received an email from friend and EDR alum “Halseth” Scotty from Sac town. Scotty says the bike above was built by Sac local Jeff Worms, the weld on hard tail was shortened, narrowed & the rest of the bits were all fabbed with in a few weeks time.
Jeff did ebay the bike a while back but not before it was featured in Dice Magazine.
Thanks Scotty, See you in a couple weeks.

A Quick & Easy Recipe For A Fun Afternoon

One quad, 130lbs of chick, a pinch of proper riding attire, a heaping scoop of Arizona vegetation and a big pour of whiskey throttle. 
Mix it all together and viola, Good times!

My Flathead Crush

I thieved this photo from somewhere yesterday or the other day? I like it.

38 Knuckle progress

Friend of BCM Jeremy Bievenour sent some progress pics. 
Can you dig it?