Home, safe & sound.
These cast porcelain anvils were made up for each builder at this years Brooklyn Invitational, one of the coolest ‘name plates’ I’ve received.
It’s an honor to be a part of this show and to have a bike in the same room with so many greats is one of those ‘Pinch me’ moments.
Thanks Keino, Jeff & John.

 Sitting at the Wythe bar. 
Whiskey with beer backs.


Dave Polgreen
 Jason Phares

 2014 100%
(international male)

It’s been a crazy & really fun couple of weeks but The Brooklyn Invitational is over & to me that signifies summers end. 
For the most part I took the summer off, only doing the bare minimum to keep things rolling (milking the norton & panhead for all they’re worth). That head injury from April lingered longer than I was comfortable with & July’s wrist is still not 100% healed, so I took some time to decide if the 2wheeled, chopper/parts shit is worth the petty big highs & lows that seem to accompany this mostly 24/7 ‘not a job’ lifestyle? 
We ate & drank to excess, traveled a bit, friends came & went, Great Summer!
I’m very lucky, Now back to work.

FYI: TL-44 Taillights are in production. 
Thanks for the inquiries.

Jeff Ryan sent me the link to what his camera saw at this years Brooklyn Invitational. 

I kind of got blindsided by this the other day, so I’m sending my pan
I hope no one gets bummed.

59 Chevy Apache Pickup
– Big Block V8 – 
 Stefan Schilling