The 3rd Annual Old Gold Garage Co. Open House

I’m completely honored to have been ask to bring my panhead up for this event. Now I have to get to cleaning off a months worth of road grime/coastal rust, install the new chromed bits and hope she’s still got some shine under there.
Dan has a lot of good stuff happening so come check it out.

Gut Bomb Challenge.

I really don’t have much to say about this.

Word On The Street

Word on the street is Jason has his Triumph up for sale?
This is an amazing bike.
Someone should snatch this thing up and enjoy his work.


Go Karts

I was thinking a couple of old go karts might be fun shop toys?

Sportster thread update

I finally finished the Damn pipe.


Pat & I spent the afternoon riding up and down Coast HWY. We pit stopped at Hensley’s for beer and fried potatoes.
Up until a week ago the weather has been complete shit so it’s nice to finally feel like summer has arrived even though its mid August.


I tore my Pan apart to chrome a bunch of stuff that didn’t make the first round and now I’m back to the SR500 for my daily transportation. Don’t get me wrong that Panhead is a blast to ride but no replacement for quick, nimble and stopping power.
Welcome home.

Beach Cruisin

Well It’s Been A Full Year.

One year ago Larson dropped off his Triumph for a simple front end update.
He showed up with an idea, an incomplete HD front end, A brand new Sportster wheel, which he thought was a mini drum hub.
We mocked up the stance and made a parts list & a plan.

Then in January Bob & I were bored so we spent the day lowering the stock forks, narrowed some drag bars, zip tied a boat light on & sent some photos to Larson.
A month later he traded the front wheel for a pipe kit, we made up a parts list & a plan.

I shot this photo a few minuets ago.

I’ve offered to buy it.
I even promised to get it done and off to a good home where someone would enjoy and actually ride the bike.
At this point I’m guessing someday it will get picked up as is and moved to another destination where it will also just sit in it’s incomplete state.