75 Kawasaki H2 Racer

Motor Mount, Scratch Off The List.

My Pan head came to me with the standard el cheapo motor mount. Yes I could’ve started from scratch but that was Sunday & I was lazy so I started tinkering around & this is what came of it. A bit of finish work and it’s ready for the plater. Next, license plate mount which is one of those bits I’m not fond of making.

Amazing Days

It’s just way too nice out to be sitting behind a computer.
So I’m not going to

SR Cafe

Does anyone have other photos or info on this bike?

Ken Block DC and Subaru Rally Driver

More Ken.

Pan in Stand

Shopped Panhead Mill

The Weekend That Was

Once again the weekend turned out just great. Sunday Chop has developed into Sunday Chop/BBQ. Two weeks in a row A bunch of people have showed up and cooking broke out, no planning, no invites, Just randomness turning into a ton of food and a great way to end the weekend.
Maximum Bob’s back on the road, The BMW had the motor pulled for a top end and the cases cleaned & I made brackets, mounts, more mounts and some other brackets, then a couple more mounts.


1977 Bengt Aberg/Torsten Hallman HL500

Bengt Aberg won the 1977 Luxemburg 500cc FIM Grand Prix on one these bikes.
Works SR500 motor, Lundin Profab frame, Don Jones swing arm, shaved Maico forks & triples, YZ brakes, good stuff.
I want to put lights on it and terrorize the city streets.

Man this is calling my name?

Possibly leaving early Friday morning making a weekend out of it?