Windham 14

link: The JJ

Godspeed Photo.

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A Good times machine, Yes.

Go, Go, Get.
I really wish the woman & I were attending.
Have fun!

Occasionally I involuntarily test motorcycle helmets & I  have to give these One Ind. helmets a big thumbs up 
There’s six dead helmets on the shelf, 3 of which are from One Ind & although the helmet above looks pretty bad and I did end up with a pretty good concussion, I never went out. Remaining conscious is nice, I really don’t like waking up with strange people freaking out in my face.
Thanks ONE Ind.


Found it, Thanks.

Morad or Original Akront Aluminum Rim
TC (turismo cross) Type
—Not Shouldered—

40h 19″ x1.85 WM2

Burly Brands 883 Cafe Project

Check out Motorcycle-USA’s  write up on Burley’s latest creation.

link: Burly Brand 883 Sportster Cafe Racer Project

It looks like a super fun ride & of course I’m stoked to see they chose to use a BCM  Air Cleaner & Willis Bolts.