Erwin SR500 day 1

I put in a a good 10 yesterday.

Tear Down

Today is disassembly day for The Erwin SR500 so I’m going to dial in some RL Burnside and have it.

Gravity Power

New Project

Well, we took in a another project today. New Friend of BCM Erwin  had a 78 SR500 shipped in for some mods. I know, I  kind of hate to cut into this one but  that’s what New Friend Erwin wants. 
So tomorrow it begins. 
At the least it’ll give me something else to post.

Arlington Ashley’s Scoot

Ashley’s gone and built himself a Badd Ass Honda chop. This bike has a lot of good details and I know Special79 Jay had a hand in there too. I hear it’s off to paint so we’ll have to revisit this ride. 
I’m pretty sure Ashleys been checking out BCM since day one & for that I say,
 Thanks man.

FIM Style

Flatiron Mike is the proprietor of one of my favorite and most impressive stables of hand built big twins in the conterminous United States. Over the past few years Mike has developed a pretty distinct style & formula for the bikes he likes to build and ride. With this build Mike is steering away from the springer fork, ridged framed base of his last three bikes but his formula is still very apparent and in my opinion spot on.  
Check it out.
  • wheels, 19×4 avon skinned front & rear
  • Front Street Cycle ribbed fender
  • chopped sporty tank
  • home chiseled seat pan & leather cover
  • single disc Superglide front end
  • Patented FIM risers, heavily modified H-D Buck horns w/ internal throttle
  • Motor choice and moniker are still up in the air
(Thanks Mike)

On the short list.

I check in on the Poppa Wheelie page a few days a week, he always has some good old race photos. Todays photos were especially close to my heart not only because they were motocross (which is what I’d rather be doing instead of any of this other crap) but because the photos were shot at one of my favorite tracks, Barona Oaks Raceway.  Barona is on a local indian reservation the pits are scattered with these big old oak trees, the track has some elevation changes and just an old moto vibe. However, you never ever know when they’re open, the dirt is ok but super rocky, and I had two big crashes there. One, I was T-Boned by some kid while trying to exit the track and it hurt. The Second was the big triple in the middle. I ask my good friend Brian what I needed to do he said ” take the outside line through the turn, click into third, clutch a little, hold it open off the lip”. I woke up as I was being loaded into the life flight copter. Come to think of it I’m not sure why I like that place? 
Check Out Poppa Wheelie

A couple more of my non MX favorites.

Hot plate

I’m glad that’s over with.

Have a good weekend…