Keep it rubber side down tonight.
Happy New Year!


Aaron Ross is a Bad Ass on a BMX & I like his Honda too.


A spur of the moment home office makeover has put a damper on any bike building & interweb use.
This time of year I always feel like I should be at the track anyway so getting nothing I planned done is the norm.


I spent a good portion of the day making two stainless pipe clamps.
You’d think I’d get used to the fact that everything takes me at least twice as long as I think it should.
Now to get everything matched, lined up & make some brackets to the clamps.
I think Bob’s going with black pipes so these should look pretty nice, maybe tumbled?


The other day I found these rings at the hardware store however I wasn’t sure what to do with them but I brought a few home anyway.


Plug Wrench

Massaged 13/16″ box end for my friend Mike.

You know I love the six wheelers.

I wish this was in real time but he goes for it & sticks it clean.


Made by Hand / No 2 The Knife Maker

Cut Brooklyn

I know I posted this on the BCM facebook page last month but yesterday while trying to do some interview stuff for the 6 Over movie I was reminded of Joel Bukiewicz’s explanation of why & how he does what he does.

Joel did a great job of putting the feeling and thought process to words, worth watching for sure.