Falcon Jr?


This week in an attempt to clear my head, lungs & just get out from behind a computer in the mornings I got back on a bike.
It’s been 5 years or so since a barrage of two wheel related surgeries sidelined me from most all activities however I’m on track for a little over a 100 miles this week & I’m “Stokeder than Hell”.
This morning I enjoyed the guitar styling of Jr Brown.
I had forgotten how much this guy gets it on with that crazy guitfiddle of his.


So Look at this stuff for a minuet.
Kenter Canyon Elementary , LA
We spent many weekend afternoons riding these banks.
Super fun.


Long Beach Swap.

The only photo I took at todays LB cycle swap.
Wedged between a pink car seat & a boy scouts of america back pack was an original

1976 FMF kitted CR125 Elsinore

Ebay find
Other than Greg Primm who pays this kind of $$$$ for these things?
It’s real nice to look at though.


All the info you need right here.


Well a couple of days ago we took ownership of a 1966 Triumph T120.
The tank, fender & seat are for sale as a set.
Make me an offer.


I know it’s asking a lot but I’m looking to buy or trade a 1972-73ish Wassell/Penton trials tank. In good useable shape & hopefully not too expensive.

That was kind of weird, huh?