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-Project JS48-

Whittling away.

What happened here Bob?


Wow, seriously there is so much chopper goodness packed in these books. 
I highly recommend.

Amazing work Cicero.

order yours: ALLEGED CO.


Three new One Off air cleaners up in the on line store.

Dec 1 offs

Just a heads up
I’ll have a few “one off” air cleaners  in the online store by Monday.
*one-off (wnôf,-f) Chiefly British


                                               adj. Happening, done, or made only once.

n. Something that is not repeated or reproduced.

Right To Work

      I love this image of my friend Scott “grass trackin”

Throttled II

Obviously I lifted the top photo from TheSelfCenteredMan.Com , so go there to see more.
One of the big highlights to me was Cary Brobek was kind enough to bring a bunch of original from the Easy rider archives (H Robinson).

Thanks Comune & JD for the invite.
Good Times