Hensley’s Pub Tomorrow Evening

I got the call. We’re riding over to Hensley’s Pub, come with.
Wednesday evening July 1st
850 Tamarack Ave

Happy Birthday Dad.


Todays Sunday Chop was a the largest turn out to date. I managed to finish a bunch of Rolling Rocks, the snake heads for Bobs FLH, the ERWN SR tank is finish welded & Paul got back on the BMW. Joel, Chris, Bob, Pat, Paul & myself were todays culprits of neighbor migraine management.
Good Times!

Mike Basich Van

On Ebay


Weekend Project

I’m excited to see how these are going to end up.
Have a good weekend.
“Keep the rubber side down & the injuries to a minimum” JPR.

Today BCM reached Fifty Thousand hits & just one month shy of our one year anniversary.
It never ceases to amaze me how this has grown. I just wanted to say thanks for the support.
I am grateful.
“Freight Train Rollin”

Makin The Rounds

Yesterday I loaded up the ERWN SR500 and headed north to Duane Ballards place, went over the seat plans and left the pan with him for foam & covering. Duane also showed me a bunch of really cool bits for the Pink Taco project, the bike is going to be amazing, of course.
Thanks Duane.
From there I headed to the Biltwell & Chop Cult shop where Bill and McGoo showed me a bunch of new Biltwell product and also gave me the run down on the Chop Cult site. Already there’s a ton of great features to the site and I’m confident Chop cult will prove to be a great chop enthusiast web tool, exciting stuff. BCM is pumping it up for that reason & I’m pleased to be a part of it.

spy photo, a new biltwell bar

Chop Cult News Letter #2

The second installment of the Chop Cult news letter was released last night if you didn’t get it, go here, check it out and sign up.

Duanes Digger

Duane Ballard & Kutty Noteboom are in the process of dueling digger builds. Yesterday I posted a picture of Kutty’s progress from around the time of “The Bash” and a few hours later I get the images below from Duane. Something gives me an indication that the paint is going to be spectacular.
Good Stuff, Duane