Instead Of……

Instead of buying a much needed computer, instead of going to Moon Eyes Japan with my friend Troy, I go and buy a another bike?
2000, 1400 miles, the dude need to make a mortgage payment so it was a score for sure.
Now to fry some turkey.
Happy ThankGiving

Hudson River Style!

A Huge Thanks to Andy & Rob at American Icon Screen Printing.
We now have some shirts.
I’ll figure out pricing and all that within the next couple of days, right now I have a grip of potatoes to peel and two turkeys to prep for frying.

Pipes, Pipes, Pipes!

The beginnings of a 2 into 1
I’m liking my bike lately, finally.

More Slab City.

SOAZTIM took some nice snaps.
I’m off to build some pipes

LB Parking Lot Triumph

The usual “on my out” parking lot walk through was disappointing, all Raider Nation baggers with thumpin systems.
That was until I saw this Triumph!
I love everything about this bike. It screams ride me.
Hey rider/builder/owner if your reading this, Amazing job, you made my day.

Long Beach Swap

The #1 Woman & I went to Long Beach Swap yesterday in search of an 18″rear wheel setup for Pat’s iron head, a pan head squish pipe and or a new project donor bike.
All we came home with was these four glasses which Frank spotted from a 100 yards.
The cool thing is we already own four that we found at a Temecula antique store over ten years ago. That makes 8 glasses, mint juleps anyone?

Lever/perch info, Anyone?

December Wednesdays @ Hensley’s

This should be good.


Bob Coulter’s & publications Crazybabe & Bad Girls Hotel tell the tale of what goes down when all the $1 bills are counted the chrome poles are are wiped down and the sun starts to rise, well among other things.


Bench*Mark hats are done.
Black & Navy are the color choices (black shown), Quality mesh, not too tall, with an appliqued patch.
$15 shipped in the US. $20 shipped everywhere else



This past weekend I met a beautiful Honda GB500 and it’s owner Christian.
(Sorry if I butchered your name I really need to stop drinking or start writing shit down)
Great Dude and really clean bike.
Basically a sleeved down XR-XL 600 motor tucked in a cafe inspired chassis, nice clean lines on the tins & a beautiful set stock 18″ wheels off the dealer floor with aluminum drop center rims.
I was pretty taken by this bike in her stock shoes but I would love to clean up some of the stock clutter and shave a few pounds as well, however this seems to be a purist cult collector kind of machine & I have a feeling I’d have some angry people filling my inbox.
Fuck em, I hope I find one someday.

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