I’m really pleased to be able to let you know W&W is now carrying BCM 

Go Europe!


Available Early 2014
(10 days-ish)

front dia. 1 3/4″
rear dia. 1 1/4″
depth1 3/8″
hardware: two SS 1/4/28 x 1/2″ button heads
3 wire 1″ LED cluster: red = brake, Orange = running, Black = Ground

POR15 – A Mind Numbing Process…
My radiator guy closed up shop.

Salinas Boy McGoo & a tumbled Ribsey

My Dad unearth my 1982 Cycle Pro paper route runner.
The cranks were bent to about 10:15 & I had to cut off the rear wheel & one piece chain.
Better than new now.

6″ die cuts in Black or White are in the store for the price of shipping.

Get to work.