Happy Birthday Willie

79 today

The Imperial House

The first production thinner Pinner on Shawn’s amazing Shovel.

check out Shawn’s work: The Imperial House

one one four

Freshen up

Air boots/clamps
Clutch Cover/seals
kill switch
Now I need to build a new set of wheels.


Home Town Pride, Rah Rah Rah?

It seems like 95% of all Californians are transplants (sorry about that natives) I’m thinking that means that myself & a good portion of my friends are the 95%ers & with that comes a lot of this “Home town/state pride”.
I never understood this mentality? 
I mean if you are so stoked on where you came from then why’d you leave or why the hell don’t you go back?

With that said Bob & I would like to High Five Oil City, Pa!

Hey Mr. Mailman!

New Hampshire


Much better.

MBob April.

 Maximum Bob.
Oil & fuel tanks mounted
Clutch pedal, mids & once we give the peg bolts an FIM t-nut treatment they’re done as well.
Head light mount, front caliper bracket  and pipe mounts left to do and then he’s coming apart for a ton of frame,motor & trans clean up. 
Then it’s off to powder, paint & seat.
Hopefully Bob ride to BF4


Land Man and the #0002 Pinner AC.
See you this week.


We’ve been asked & yes the CV-Mikuni HSR 42/45/48 adaptor is in progress.
Pricing & availability soon.