The Machine Shop is Up & Running

Shop Build In

I am really ready to trade in the woodworking tools for some metal manipulators.
I’d love to be able to say we’re close but that’s not the case, most of the big work is done so the rest should move along a little faster.

Cafe Racer Dreams

Pedro Garcia from Cafe Racer Dreams in Madrid is making nice out of chunky old CB750.

Thanksgiving Day Ride

It was a beautiful morning.

One Baked One Fried

A BCM Mobile post

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bob & I are hoping for yet another incident free fried turkey .

Rally Fighter

I stumbled across this “Rally Fighter” the other day and it immediately reminded me of Jim Garners 72 Olds Cutlass Banshee.
I thought both look real fun.

Draggin Bars

One of my all time favorite photos.
Jeff Emig turning left, feet on the pegs, dragging a grip in that loamy soil.
The original image never surfaced all that’s ever been seen was this small photo that was scanned from Cycle World.

The “Scene”

EDR 2011

Well, EDR has been put back on the calender for 2011.

I liked it a Hell of a lot better when it was like this.

And now it’s big like this.
I guess that the nature of these things?

but there’s always a bunch reminders why you went in the first place.
So I may attend on my own limited schedule?