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*Good turn out & Good times were had last night.

Wednesday evening April 29
It’s a good to excuse to get out on your bike and have a little dinner with some friends

Rear Spring Fever?

Swing Arm Flu Outbreak 
I have at least 6 confirmed cases one of which is me.

Good friend Todd Scott “Scotty”, (Halseth) from Sac town sent in his cone shovel version in mock up form. Check it out. there’s a whole lot of unique stuff going on here, rear fender struts & Scotty’s formula for mids being my favorites . 

Not more that a few hours later Flat Iron Mikes checks in with his latest update,  FIM styled pipes in some 90 degree heat. Mike will probably be riding this thing by Sunday and I’m going on the 1.5 year mark???
 It’ll pop wheelies Mike.

And then there’s always the “rub it in” photo.

I’ll be playing catch up in a couple of weeks and then it’s on.
Thanks a ton for the content guy’s.

ERWN SR500 update

It’s moving along kicking and screaming every step of the way. 
Tomorrow new brake lines made up and routed, under seat electrical tray & bits mounted, bracket seat pan, (& the Beemer’s seat too). The rest of the week, the new carb, air filter & throttle set up arrives ready for installation, shape the seat foam, come up with a tail light and license plate mount. Then  finish cutting, fitting & mounting the tank. Only to tear it all apart again.


I was rooting around in the garage yesterday and found a Norton Commando. I started my Commando project and it got to be too much for my “Skill Set”, I wasn’t making any progress I was pleased with so I  put it in the corner. It’ll come back around this summer and I have a whole new outlook on the bike so we’ll see.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should?


Sorry for lack of posts I’ve been busy trying to get this RWN SR500 out of my life. Progress is steady but for some reason slow? I’ll upload some of the progress intel over the weekend.
In the mean time enjoy this thieved ROUSER photo of McGoo getting it on  aboard BCM SR500 #1.


The history of the term “Uncorked”. 
If your in it for more than the pictures, check it out over at:   Prolly Is Not Probably

Hoedown – Bash weekend.

Crazy Weekend.
I had big plans of shooting a lot of photos so I could have something to post & I started out OK but beer, moonshine, sunburn & sleep/food deprivation all took it’s toll on my motivation. You know I really just wanted do a bunch of nothing with my friends anyway. Thursday out at Kutty’s was fun & the ride was beautiful. Thanks to Bob for putting us up.
Of course The Bash was well planned and came off without any major drama. Just a great time with great people. Bill, McGoo & Chris, Thank You once again for putting together another amazing event. 
There’s a lot of photos over at the Jockey Journal if you want.
Pat shook down & ironed out his Sporty this weekend. Some small issues to work on and it should bullet proof for summer. 

I was out at Kutty’s 5 or 6 weeks ago and since then he’s built a mini ramp, a nice big shop and made a good amount of progress on his latest digger project.  I think he’s figured out how to add more hours in the day? This bike is going to be amazing. 

San Diego Dudes… I can’t get enough of that orange bike.

Slim, as to be expected a YZ490 packed in an RD350 chassis, some sort of bore/hand made piston deal? 

There was a ton of old american iron, some really great brit bikes and even some well done jap bikes but this XS 650 that JD built was my favorite bike of the weekend. JD’s passion for the details is something I can easily relate to and it sure showed in this bike.

Photos thieved from Kevinhog