I guess it’s fun watching the current hard working good guy out there winning week after week, but It’s just not near as good as it was watching James Bubba Stewart change the way every professional racer rides a modern motocross bike.
Who would’ve thought the controlled crash of a peg dragging two wheel slide off the face of a jump would become standard practice?

The Philo Beddoe Family Reunion

Man another good event coming up.
Get all the info here: WWW.ThePhilo.com

Dolphin Shorts or Life Like Hair?

Big Jim was always a bit creepy to me in that kind of 70’s swinger with a lot of homo tendencies kind of way.
But BJ always lured me in with that Elsinore CR250 and Iron Head. Hell he had that badass camper truck “The Beast” and that “Jungle Truck” Bronco too.
After war lost it’s allure and Gi Joe assembled the “Adventure Team” all he had was the Attex 6 wheeler which was my favorite anyway.
Then in the early 80’s repop years I saw that Joe got himself some vintage iron in the form of a war era flathead. As a kid I would’ve thought that was a dumb bike and would’ve went looking for Big Jims dirt moto.


We’re Looking forward to this.

Double Trouble

Is always worth a second look.

A Couple Of Days Off.

My Dad hooked up a free flight from the Keystone state to San Diego on a charter jet so I took a couple of days off from everything so I could hang out with him for the first time in a long time.
I did manage to get some more done on the split tanks & finally got around to wiping that sportster down and put back on the lift.
Back at it full speed tomorrow.

Split Alien

With the pan head done, the bike lifts tied up with other bikes and the new “no more polishing” rule in effect, I found myself with nothing to to do.
Ever since Speacial79 Jay was here a few weeks back I’ve been wanting to mess around with some tank work. A while back Bob cut the tunnel out of this alien tank and for the most part it has been left for dead. So I decided to make a go at flat side split tanks and see if he likes them better than the 23 gallon fat bob’s he’s running now.
I need the four weld in hose fittings, Anyone?


A couple of updates on the B*M blog.


Hi-Lo with Style.

Jeff G Holt photo.

July 10th Street Chopper Issue Release Party

The Street Chopper Guys are always a good time.
Plus it’s a benefit for Boobs, who doesn’t like to support boobs?