Tyler Villopoto

Get Your Tickets!

Come on now it’s only $5.
Besides everyone loves the cruiser class.

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Thanks Lenny.

THROTTLED // RAY GORDON Photo Exhibition

5 min Mount


One good slam of the garage door and that thicker than stock high grade stainless coil mount that I made last week didn’t even get to the first ride. Rather than reinstall the thin stock mount that lasted 35 years I thought I’d turn it up to eleven.

Busy Busy Week Ahead

Lenny’s Tracker

Man, Lenny has a really cool race bike.
Actually all Lenny’s bikes are cool.


Jake Thinks it Might be OCD?

I’ve been walking past this bad factory steer tube bolt/nut combo for a few weeks now & it’s been driving me nuts.
Seriously this thing is right in your face the whole time your riding.

An allen bolt, washer, some creative use of the hack saw, a little weld, polish & I’m feeling much better.

Oh, and the coil mount too.