My friend Elliot has a got Bandar’s shocks dialed in, now to all the frame changes we decided on last week.
2 steps forward, 3 steps back.

‘Easter’ #Sundays

I got this thing going & met the family at the park.

Spring Has Sprung



photo: M.Schmidt

Repop Bates Lever Mods


These lever set ups are stainless so that’s nice, but 12 pieces, overall bulk & a weight of about 7lbs isn’t.
They only come in a clutch side configuration so your expected to flop it over for a front brake application which means looking at the pivot bolts nut & washer as opposed to the sleek slotted screw head, flipping, fill, drill, & tap the pivot bolt was a must.
Then welding, blending &  a one bolt conversion to the bar clamp seemed like a good idea as well.
Finally taking an inch out of the lever to make it a reasonable size.
I’ll mess with the reach curve of the lever once I get the throttle/grip on.

Norco Bicycles!



Over the past few months of calcaneus rehab I realized riding a mountain bike was producing the best results. I was loving the fit & feel of the 3 year old used Norco Sight I found on eBay and after some social media posts saying so the powers that be at Norco gave me the opportunity to be a Norco Ambassador. It turns out they’re into and appreciate the custom bike world & I love their mountain bikes. They’ve got me hooked up with their Sight C7.1.  I’m a little over a 100 miles in and the BMX feel is all me, it climbs very well & it certainly beats grinding out road miles all the time.
Now I have to figure out suspension tuning.

Thank You Norco Bicycles!