Help! Parts Needed.

Needed, a 21″ spool wheel, 5/8″ & a front axle as well.

Green Issues Haiti Relief.

Paul (BMW R/100 owner) has put together his own Haiti Relief program.
I know The Skateboard Mag, Skate Daily & Thrasher have jumped on board and Paul told me the response has been amazing.
We don’t often post this type of thing but it’s a good cause and if your into it & dig the shirt go get some.

Pedals Ready.

The first run of Bench*Mark kicker pedals are now available in tumbled & polished finishes.


This perfect RD is posted on: The Church.
Anyone have any other photos and or info?

Sunday Locals


The FootHills Band, BCM Recommended.
Thursday 1/ 28 Tin Can Ale house, Golden Hill. SD
I get to see them live a couple times a week as they’ve been rattling shit off the walls at the shop.


I wasn’t sure what to do with the weld seam that joins the thin wall megaphone to the header pipe. After a couple hours with a hack saw, file & a gentle hand this is what came of it.
For the nay sayers, FYI, I left plenty of weld so it’s safe & strong.


It was non stop.
The Lady is at Sun dance Film Festival painting the faces of the stars so Bob & kids moved in for a couple of nights, add 3 birthdays, two celebrations & two days of long hours on Pauly’s BMW & that was our weekend.
We’re pretty much on the home stretch with this thing, fab a plate/taillight mount, Craig from Front Street Cycle has a better fender on the way for mounting then it’s tear down for paint & plate.
Paul is going for old Husqvarna moto style paint scheme (black w/some lighter color of keyline/stripe) on the tank so that’s why the tank is partially polished


So in the mean time please enjoy:


The other day I received an e mail from my friend Steve Crandall that read,

starting a new site.. check it out..- steve.
So I did, it looks great & feels just right.
Two of my favorites bits thus far are Rob Tibbs journey with the legendary Shimano DX pedal & a story of another close friend Mat Hoffman who’s way of thinking outside the box has made it possible for him to ride again after a horrible car accident left him disabled.
Check it out @: LeastMost