Kicker Slop

Gone but not forgotten.


A Couple Of New Bench*Mark Bits

Triumph “Rings” Ignition covers & a 4 bolt linkert/amal 930 specific air cleaner.
We’re working out the bugs on these two parts right now.
We’re not sure when they’ll be available yet ‘we’ll keep you posted.

F’n Tailight, again.

Just yesterday morning I was telling JD & Caleb that I was pretty sure I had jacked up this whole thing and now I probably needed to redo a new fender and scrap this idea. Well it turned around by early evening.
Now finish shaping the lenses, install the light fixture and hopefully I’ll have it lit up today. Bondo will be my new friend.
95% there.

Sunday Swap.

Dropped B*M parts off to 70Moto Chris, made a quick partial run through, home by 9:30.

OWWW, My Eyes!

Tim’s SR500

Tim from Sweden was inspired by our SR builds so he went and cut his bike building teeth on one of his own.
Good stuff Tim.

She’s Not Going to Make it.

To BF.

Pat’s 76

Of course we didn’t take any photos of Pats bike from the weekend but the Old Garage Company & Chop Cult guys did.

Hell On Wheels MotoRally & Pagent

I’m looking forward to hanging out at the Lake Elsinore Motocross Park Again.

Guru R.I.P