My longtime friends over at Biltwell are diving in head first yet again, this time with Chop Cult.
Chop cult will be an online news magazine with all the bells and whistles scheduled to launch this summer.
BCM is backing this in a big way as I’ve been more than disenchanted with the existing MC forums for some time now.
If you’ve been on an EDR, attended Chop Meet or The Bash you know this crew is more than capable of doing great things.
Go sign up & help these guys get the ball rolling.

Links update

I added a few links to the list today.
George got home from The Bash and decided it was time to leave the mines and start working on Spartan Frameworks full time again. I for one am stoked on this.

Walter is a solid guy in this for all the right reasons and a hell of a lot of fun to be around.

Front Street Cycle has supplied us fenders like no one else, thick, straight, made to order and his bars look great too.

Support these guys, they’ll do you right!

Hensley’s Unofficial Bike Night

Come on now, it’s summer and there’s no better place to be on Wednesday night other than Hensley’s with Joe Wood & The Lonely Ones enjoying a fresh pulled draft & some Shepards pie, or Guinness Stew with some friends.
Ride over & join us.


I’ve had a lot going on as of late so posting has suffered but not as much as getting my own bike done. With the ERWN SR in limbo for a few days and everyone else having weekend plans I finally got to put in a few hours on this never ending FL project. With Bobs help we hoisted the motor in and out a few times to fit and change back to original rocker covers & D rings. I also spent a good amount of time fitting the fender. The rockers have a more original feel to me and allow the tank to fit the way Brandon intended. I’m super picky about this fender fitting properly, I think it’s a fine line between good & goofy on these swing arm bikes. It’s obviously not mounted yet but I’m pretty happy so far. 
Bob and I also got a great start on a pretty cool cable activated foot clutch set up for his FLH as he’s taking the leap to a belt drive,  jockey shift and kick only but I’ll save that for another post.

Summer Tours

When we loaded up the family conversion van and road tripped to a demo to spectate summer tours were fun as hell. It was when I found myself on the payroll that I realized being on the road could get pretty rough. I wouldn’t change it though. We saw new places good and bad, did some amazing things & sometimes achieved small bits of rock star status.

Dave Voelker, Summer of 90
Rob & I used to session this spine ramp for hours, it was a hell of a lot more fun than the deathtrap of a halfpipe trailer that we carried it on.

Brian Blyther
Haro Tour

  Dizz Hicks
“Mad Dog” Moeller

Thanks For The Help!

This is one of my favorite FLH’s for sure.


Yeah Ken!

Some of our finest work

Here we have a left side mid with a copper peg insert.
Actually Bob was dragging some knee & snapped the mount, this is the temp so he can get the bike down here for a whole new set up.

Atomic Customs

Another beautiful Trent built Knucklehead. I wish I had bigger photos but I poached them from the Jockey Journal & thieves can’t be choosers.