13 days, 4 different time zones, 8 trips through TSA, 9 flights, 15.5 hours in a car, 28 hours on a plane, 5x getting lost in Spain-once in NYC, 15 cab rides, 10 subways, 6 hours in a Spanish emergency room, 4 hotels, 1 Spanish vineyard, 1 Brooklyn loft,  2 beaches,  2 museums, 1 church, 1 sand dune, 1 of the greatest bike shows, and 1 amazing wedding…

I want to thank John Copeland, Jeffrey Schad, Keino Sasaki for inviting me to be a part of The Brooklyn Invitational.  
It was truly an honor & I look forward to next year.

The online store is back open & I’ll be catching up on emails and such for the next couple of days.