A Bit Of Home Town History

One of Cindy’s Orbs

I’ve been hitting the bike stuff pretty hard so thought today I’d take a break from it and get this light out of the way before we knocked it off the bench & jacked it up.
Few weeks ago my friend Cindy found a bunch of these light fixtures in an abandon building or someplace only she would find, I thought they were cool so she sent me one.
I’m sure this thing started life on top of a pole but I thought hanging it might be better.
After some scrubbing, a rewire & polish this is what I came up with.
Thanks Cindy.

Holy Crap This place is Tasty.

Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill
3667 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

link: **FISH**

We made two airport runs this weekend shuttling friends who were on a weekend excursion, both times we stopped for Blue Water market’s fresh fish. I’m pretty sure the story goes, two brothers took up ocean fishing and ended up with more fish than they knew what to do with so they opened this joint and they’re killing it!
In case you haven’t noticed we like to eat.
Let me know if you need a ride to the airport.
(lunch & dinner hours please)

Remember that year or so at Airwalk?

So about 45 min before we’re scheduled to leave for Smoke Out West I get an email from a european writer who’s doing a piece for Cream BMX Lifestyle Magazine on the history Airwalk footwear in BMX. Somehow the guy tracked me down and asked if I was the guy he was looking for and if I’d answer some questions but he was leaving for vacation in an hour and would appreciate it if I would hurry. So I did the best I could, remembering details of more than a dozen years ago on short notice was kind of tough. Yesterday I received a couple copies in the mail.
Here’s how it turned out.
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