Steve’s Tool!

Recently my good friend Steve Swope picked up a  Volume Creedence single speed for his LA work commuter. Steve quickly realized there’s no quick releases which means he needs to carry a wrench for changing flats. His email basically read “can you cut me a 15mm box end down to 4″ and if you want to get really trick the cut end could be a tire iron/lever.”

Now we know where the good times start.

6X6 amphibious ATV’s

In 1971 I was 5 years old, my father and two of his brothers had a pretty nice stable of toys and some great land to play on. While my Dad & Uncle John were into motorcycles in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter Uncle Pete had a Chaparral Six wheeler. Me being way too small for a Yamaha endouro or a Bultaco alpina  I was taught to run the 6X6, forward, reverse, float, turn on a dime stick steering, I was hooked. Most all of the toys faded away as my Dad and uncles got hurt or just lost interest. On my 7th birthday and loaded with friends I rammed the Chaparral into a cherry tree, busted a big hole in the fiberglass body, it ended up being sold a little while later.
2000 We’re building a downhill BMX track in Wilmot WI on the drive to the venue every morning there’s a six wheeler sitting in a yard and man it looked cool. An online search reveals Richard Clark who is THE 6X6 historian guru and parts connection. I contact Richard as I’ve decided I need a six wheeler and of course the first thing I need to know is who made the most BadAss unit because I want that one. Richard said thats easy it’s the Attex 500 Super Chief, 500cc twin cylinder two stroke. I then ask do you know where I can find one, he say’s yes, I have two, one that needs completely restored and another that I keep in my basement that only has 42 hours on it. once again, of course I need the pristine unit & after some short negotiations it’s on a truck headed for California.
When it showed up I had to replace the original cool vulcanized hub/tire combo with new steel rims and tires, I decided to add a bilge pump, some passenger grab handles and tune it up but other than that it was in amazing condition.  The childhood Chaparral had a 340cc 2 stroke single so when I got in the Super Chief I quickly discovered a whole new level of fear!  This thing was a deathtrap! The Attex would wheelie on the back two wheels no problem, 50 mph in a heart beat, no problem. Six balloon tires, no suspension, no seat belts = fecal incontinence. It just wasn’t that fun machine you pulled out at a BBQ. So after a couple of sessions it went on e bay and I made $400 on the whole ordeal. Someday when I have some land I’ll buy another vintage 6X6 but do the modern four stroke conversion so everyone can enjoy it.
70’s Chaparral ATV with the original vulcanized hub/tire combo. It’s still my favorite body style

Attex 500 Super Chief

Here’s the last run of the Super Chief. Bob and I took it to the McGoo Trials after a real big rain. I think these photos were from one of those cardboard cameras?

So Much Great Old Moto Content.

Carlsbad Raceway RIP, I won my first race at this track.
 15 min motos + 2 laps on So Cal chop & blue groove was what that track was all about.


Power Exchange theme room or ultra cool biker/skater lifestyle display?

CT 70’s

My first ride was this Hunter Orange 1977 Honda CT 70 so I was understandably stoked to see the pictures of CT 70 customs from Mooneyes Japan.
However my favorite Honda monocoque chassis bike was the ST90.

Tecolote Cafe Santa Fe New Mexico

Although Guy Fieri’s style seems to be stuck in some sort of 1997, Huntington Beach,  Offspring, black flys, time warp his Food Network show Diners, Drive ins’ & Dives has never steered us wrong. If your ever in Santa Fe NM by all means have breakfast at the 

Good MC Digizine

I don’t remember where I found this picture but I like it.