1976 Kawasaki Commercial

Weekend Update

I was a pretty mellow weekend. We did get a little bike work done, BBQed, camped out in the yard with Bob’s kids and on Sunday went over to Josh’s Boars Nest in Oceanside, Ca. for his annual Labor Day event.
Here’s some photos.

Is it Ballooning season? These things are flying over the house daily.

Probably my favorite bike at this event.

Weekend Update#2

This Lil Filly was runnin around with some sort of agenda?

Oh Man was this thing Beautiful!


Weekend Update#3

Long bike with long tank.

Another of her, I thought she was headed for the Foundry dunk tank.

Bagger gone Berzerker!

Her & her Two Friends.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Over the weekend Bob had some motor crazy noise develop, at first we thought a valve, then maybe a bent push rod. So we take the push rods out to check them & of course one cork gaskets immediately went missing. We hunted for a while and turned to looking for an alternative. A little massaging with an X-acto knife and the Grolsch washer worked perfect with zero leaks, I’m not sure how long they’ll last but it’ll get you home.
A little push rod adjustment and Bob was back on the road
Throw a few in your tool bag.

*cork gasket was found the next day laying in the street.

Something local to do tomorrow

For those of us that that didn’t make it to Ground Zero.

The War on Sportster Knee

Now that we can all walk again it was decided to declare our own personal war on “Sportster Knee”. We discovered the issues are worn kick shaft bushings and the ratchet teeth on the clutch hub have seen better days as well. Depending on parts availability & $$$ the foot lever will either be replaced or accompanied by a push button starter.
Anyone have info on what the smallest battery we can use with the electric starter and where to find it?

I is For

I heart Stainless.
I found this oil tank I’m pretty happy with, it tucks in & generally just fits a lot better but the bracket was janky crap.
Pat bored and fish mouthed some SS round bar. I poorly melted it together.

Girl Skate – Modern Adhesive Collection

Here’s the board series Via SPeed Seekers.
Thanks Chris

I found this sticker set today in the clutter on my desk.

In -n- Out Burger

Rarely does a day go by that I’m not stoked on old dirt bike content over at the Instant Traction blog. Today was no exception, first this racy ad by the worlds best God Fearing burger chain and second the sepia photo of the whooped out down hill at the Mammoth Mountain MX track, both I have fond memories of.