It never ends

Not much going on but the heat.

It’s still hot & humid as hell so I haven’t spent much time in the garage. I did mount this mirror for the Larson Trump and also the neighborhood speed patrol “Timmy” went missing.
He was an ugly cuss anyway.


CB 175 Java Runner from OZ

Maximum BOB

Since none of these bikes are ever done I’ll just say the latest update on Robs bike is complete. We did new foot controls with a foot clutch, jockey shift, belt drive, battery, wiring and kicker conversion. Although there’s an alien tank sitting here and a wheel change up is in the works as well as different fender/seat combo at least Rob can ride the hell out of it for the rest of our summer weather.

Weekend Update

Man I was Freaking HOT this weekend. We had a lot of fun anyway, a couple of good BBQ’s, some horse shoes were tossed and Sunday chop was lazy for me but Bob & Paul got shit done.
Bob enlisted daughter #1 (Mia) to help with wiring & they handled it.


We also have a new addition this week. Our old friend Tony brought his triumph over for a front end change up, shake down and a general detailing. I’ve always liked this bike and it’ll be fun getting her back on the road.
That’s Paul in his Sunday yamaka

weekend Update #2

Tony & I did a lot of standing around. I enjoyed it.

Paul cleaned the hell out of his motor and is claiming he’s only 1/3rd finished. It’s a damn shiny mailbox that’s for sure