A New York Weekend

Stoked on Brooklyn!
Good Times.

Another fun Dice Party, Thanks to Matt & Dean.
The White Knights put together a great show big thanks to them as well.
See you next year.

Going Home

Well, we had an amazing time in the city.
The Dice party was fun as they always are & put a lot of faces to names at the Brooklyn Invitational. I’ll post photos tomorrow.

A BCM Mobile post

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iPad blogger test

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Location:Atlantic Ave,Brooklyn,United States

From The Road

I’m trying this mobile blog thing via iPhone & iPad
This was a cool Triumph I saw in a store today.
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I’m gone

I got a little work done now I’m off to NYC.
See you next week, maybe sooner.


King ‘0’ The Hill


After roughly 9 days of summer it feels like fall around here.
I’m ready to move back east.

Self Promo

I was checking out the Dutchman’s visit to Vans over @ Church of Choppers and was thinking damn those larger than life photos of Mr. Schaaf are pretty cool. Then I noticed there’s an 8×10″ of yours truly in one of the showcases.
At the time we had snow boots & no team, so I put my stinky mid spin style in the first Vans snowboard boot ad.

Project SNAFU Crenshaw #1

****Evening update: Project Crenshaw may just go with a clear coat as I’m liking the silver.
Who would’ve guessed?

A couple of days ago I received one of the first complete bikes from my friends at SNAFU & I have to say I’m really stoked to have been chosen to be part of “Project MTB”.
Back in 1988 I got my foot in the action sports door as part of the customer service department at GT Bicycles. Part of my job was the occasional random assembly of a complete bike, taking notes of any packaging issues, ease of parts installation, general quality control, blah,blah blah all in hopes of keeping the factories on there toes and the dealers from ringing my phone off the hook because scratches, missing nuts and bolts etc.
Well I did a general mock up assembly of my new Crenshaw and it easily passed the BCM QC.
Now because it’s what I do I’m going to make it mine & personalize it a bit and not with a 1/2assed random half empty rattle can out of Dads garage like my team riders used to do.
I still think they did that shit just to piss me off and get me in hot water with the higher ups.