Shop Update

Well, over the past week or so we’ve made some good progress on the new shop. We need button up some wiring & plumb the air and the machine shop will be up and running. The retail area has been gutted. We exposed a few of the old brick walls & had them blasted, the tile goes down today, on & on. The amount of crap we’ve hauled out of this old building is a bit overwhelming but we’re getting there.
This wood stuff’s not so fun & I’m already really wanting to get back to moving metal.

Sportster Feature

Bill did a nice bit on our cleaned up sportster.
Check it out over at the (link) 33


Good Hit, BAD Photoshop

Love is 2

We had a good time last year so let’s do it again.

Robs SCR2 Edit

I don’t often post videos but this Rouser Rob edit turned out great & gives you a good idea of what went down at SCR2.

A Repost from ChopCult

Twelve Hundred


There’s some big changes on the horizon for Bench*Mark & BCM.
We’ve taken on a new shop space in downtown Carlsbad Village that includes a machine shop, bike build area, a retail space as well as some office areas.
Currently it’s a complete shit hole with a ton of potential and a decent amount of character.
We’re thinking with quite a bit of work we’ll have a great place to work and hang out.
So here’s some images I took today which are of the entrance, retail space and the machine shop area all of which we’re working on first.
I’ll be posting our progress over the next couple of months and when were ready I hope you guys will come by.
I’m already tired.


After the few days of madness leading up to to Slab City we were really ready to just chill, so that was the plan. With zero miles on the sportster the ride out was a little nerve wracking but she ran great and nothing fell off.
With the exception of not being able to get some much needed sleep the whole night was a blast & the ride home was epic.
Thanks to Bill, McGoo & Mike D
it was Great Weekend