Here You Go.

She’ll go real fast now.

Matt & Dean for BF3

I enjoyed this.
3 times.

The last of it.

Late in the day and a lap to go.
Enough dirt moto back to building bikes.

Hell On Wheels

What a great event!
Thanks to Meatball and his crew I haven’t that much fun in a while.
The classes were based on bike years which was something I didn’t think about when we bought the Suzuki, so I got put into a class with mostly trail bikes and ended up with the handicap of starting a half a lap behind the rest of the pack & had to play catch up. This was fine with me I was there to have fun & not just stand around and drink beer all day. Next year I’m thinking an older bike might be a better idea.
Despite Marshall’s advice I rang the hell out of the RM and other than flat spotting the rear wheel she held together.
I won a great trophy put together by the fine folks at Yellow Gear Exchange, hung out with friends and today I’m pretty damn sore.
Thanks to Maximum Bob & Bill for some of the photos.
There’s a ton of great photos over at Biltwell & Troy has a cool finish line shot on Chico Moto.

Hell On Wheels

Hell On Wheels

High Point Weekend.

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania made High Point our hometown MX national and it always seemed to mark the official beginning of our summer.
The amount of mayhem that went down in the campsites on Saturday night was always insane, there were times when we were knee deep in it and other times you were running as fast as you could to get away from it.
1986 wasn’t the last time I camped at High Point but it was the year we all got kicked out by promoter Rita Coombs for a tire fire that blistered the paint on more than a few nearby cars.
(Some how by morning we had talked our way back in)
I’ve since befriended the Coombs family and 15 years later on some odd x-games bender in San Fran I apologized to Davey Coombs and we had a laugh.
Today the Coombs family still run the race & the dates have changed, I’ve also heard that they had to seriously clamp down on the campers but every year I feel like I should be packing up for a weekend of racing & drunken debauchery.

off a little

I have a good friend who works hard at thinking like this.
It seems to work for him & I like it.

Good Stuff

I’m excited about a bunch of good stuff that’s going on with BCM right now.
While we’re busy with it ya’ll can enjoy a few poached pics.
(If I remember correctly Miss Benton was one of my fathers favorites & I certainly recall lusting after her on Hee Haw.)

7 Seconds

Stoked to have dug this up!
Early 90’s east coast snowboard trips with my brother come to mind.