No Knee Knockin

One of my big twin pet peeves is hitting my knee on the air cleaner.
My left knee rests nicely on the expensive paint job that is my tank & the other is ten inches out in wind.
So in our never ending quest for betterment we somehow knocked off nearly a 1/2″ of the width of our current air cleaner, pictured is the first sample.
I’ve got a good amount of miles on this one and it’s feeling real nice.
We’ll see where it ends up.

Dave Young Carb Jewels.

Interweb pal Dave Young machines these beautiful stainless idle/enricher/ accelerator adjust screws in his garage.
Dave also carries the dress up hardware for the rest of your carburetor.

Check them out here: 33
or hit up Dave directly.


The ongoing clutch dilemma.
Well, it’s closer.
Now I’m not liking the feel of the action & if does stay like this we’ll have to come up with a stop so it won’t fall backwards into the belt.
However it was fun to make.

Stainless Coitus

I Can’t Feel My Fingers.

The ride to Ventura last weekend.
Bill Bryant’s work.

Windham, to Flat.

Breaking the monotony of pre season SX testing.

Putting up the Tree Tonight

It needed a topper.

A BCM Mobile post


Backyard ramps.
Some were good, some bad, but most always a fun session.


Tuesday, December 13th at 12:01 am (it’s happening right now!) and runs through midnight on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011.

6 Over…new trailer out now…!