Acme Choppers took our complete piece of shit T120 frame & quickly transformed it into a thing of beauty.
Here’s a cool step by step thread on how they went about it.


An Important figure in my life used to tell me that making wagon wheels is a great skill but in this day and age it won’t get you far.
Considering the feeling I get making something with my hands I have no choice but to question that statement.

A Good to Choppertunity to Benefit a Downed Chun

Aaron’s BF4 Bike


Cal VMX Round 3 (Gary Chaplin Day)

Every now and then Cal VMX does a featured rider race day, yesterday’s MX legend was Gary Chaplin. 
At the awards ceremony Gary took the time to sign & have a chat with every rider who won a plaque. This means so much more too me than the gaudy combo of plastic and cheap marble usually associated with good results at a local race.
Milestone MX Park

Oakley 1’s
I was stoked to see these.
 Kawi w650 powered sidecar
best bike stand
Trackmaster framed SL350 & it’s builder/pilot.

The husband & wife sidecar team.
Good folks.

Turn 2 & I’m going wide just hoping the mayhem stays on the inside line.
It kind of worked.

Race Weekend (again)

Tear down & prep the slow boat for Cal VMX Round 3 this Sunday.
Next week the motor is coming apart, gettin hogged out & breathed on.

‘The Flying Freckle’

From the Honda 50 wheelie kid in On Any Sunday to 7 time Motocross champion to Indy car race winner to 3 time super moto champion to current day motocross JWR team owner.
You could say Jeff Ward is a BadAss!


Last week I had the opportunity to spend 
some time with GodSpeed Ros & his lovely wife Katie
We hung out,got some tacos and Ros snapped some pics.
Yesterday Ros posted this photo from 
that morning and now it seem like it’s everywhere.
I guess that’s good, right?
Nice work my friend.

Eat Dust

I just got a great package from Eat Dust!
A #49 of 50 limited edition wool jacket & it’s all mine.
Rob & Keith are talented guys which shows in their garments great quality with that extra attention to detail.
Thanks Guys.

Support the good ones: EAT DUST